About Tweedy:  Tweedy was born in Louisiana, and spent his formative years there. After his father was discharged from the military, the family moved back to their real home in the hills of Southwest Virginia. That’s when Tweedy had two influential experiences—he met his grandfather, and then watched the man make moonshine. The rest, as they say, is history. Tweedy got to know Jeff, Mark, and Mike at a hunting camp in Virginia

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About Mike:  47-year-old Mike is no stranger to hard work or hard times. At a young age, the North Carolina native began working with his dad in the logging industry. At 14, he held down construction jobs while working to earn his high school diploma. Mike discovered he had a gift for understanding and repairing all things mechanical. Most of his working life has been dedicated to big equipment repair.
  Alvin “Hardwood” Lewis, a regional moonshining legend and Mike’s dad, taught Mike the trade. When Hardwood was getting up in age, Mike thought it was time for the recipe and technique to be passed down, and Hardwood agreed. Several years passed, and brother Darrin became ill. Darrin and his family needed help. Before turning to moonshining, Mike searched for an answer. Moonshining seemed to be the only option.
  “People think moonshining is an easy way to make money, but it is hard work and is risky. Your still has to be off the beaten path. That means carrying 50 pound bags of sugar and other supplies into the woods, then carry the product out,” Mike said.  Mike is single and has a grown son.